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Graviola: Health Benefits of Cancer Fighting Fruit

"Graviola Benefits for Cancer"

——> Graviola can cure breast, abdominal, ovary, uterus, prostate, bladder, pancreas, liver, skin, lung, boon and blood (leukemia) cancer.

It has acetogenins are phytochemicals which are the active ingredients to fight malignant cells.
Acetogenins are phytochemicals possess strong anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. Acetogenins decelerate enzymatic activity in cancer cells as well block the ATP – the transportation to cancer cells.
They also don’t react to traditional anti-cancer treatment.

Graviola is thousand times stronger compared to chemotherapy drug, Adriamycin.

Chemotherapy harms the healthy cells and has side effects whereas Graviola kill only cancer cells and does not harm healthy cells.

The fruit also boost immunity and overall energy so the patient feels stronger and healthier all over the treatment.

More than 20 different laboratory tests and studies have proved the effectiveness of Graviola to a suitable treatment for cancer, but more studies are yet needed to prove the effectiveness of the fruit for cancer treatment.

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